Major Works – Pelter Street (Evens) and Baroness Road

Tower Hamlets Homes has commissioned major works on the Pelter Street (evens) and Baroness Road blocks. The contractor is yet to be announced.

We recommend that all residents of Pelter Street (evens) and Baroness Road blocks join the Newling North Estate email group to keep up to date. Email to request to join.

We still have room on the steering committee for residents to join. We have most blocks represented but would particularly welcome representatives from the following blocks: 1-12 Baroness Road, Georgina Gardens and 18-46 Pelter Street and Council tenants from all blocks who are currently underrepresented. Email for more information.

We will post information of meetings about the works and notices from the contractor on this page.

17 May 2019 - The resident's Steering Committee met with Tower Hamlets Homes project management representatives yesterday where they were given a progress report of the works. The team also showed members of the Committee photographs of the concrete works currently taking place on Old Market Square. Minutes of the meeting will be available in due course.

9 May 2019 - The resident's major works steering committee will be meeting with THH to discuss the major works on 16 May 2019. If you have any major concerns you would like raised at this meeting, please email them

30 April 2019 - The CTRA has organised a second meeting for residents of Old Market Sq, Georgina Gardens, Baroness Road, Pelter Street and Hackney Road blocks to discuss concerns, share knowledge and to enable residents to have their say before the steering committee meets with THH. The meeting will take place in the Dunmore Hut on Tuesday 30 April 2019 at 7pm.

30 March 2019 - The CTRA has organised a meeting for residents of Old Market Square, Pelter Street, Hackney Road and Baroness Road Blocks to select a steering committee to oversee the major works. Please come and ensure your block is represented.

About the Contractor

The contractor is yet to be confirmed

Tower Hamlets Homes Contact for this project is:

Mohammod Abdulla                                                                         Telephone: 020 7364 7505