Community Gardening

Our aim is to transform the green spaces on our estates not only so that they look more beautiful, but also to improve the health of everyone living on our estates by providing fresh fruit and veg, getting people more active and absorbing the pollution that saturates the air in the East End.

It doesn’t matter if you have never gardened before or if you are an old hand who already spends most of your spare time tending your own patch. We are looking for everyone who would like to see a change to our green spaces, even if it is only to share ideas and experience. 

Drop by one of the events below, either just to say hello, or to get stuck in and lend a hand.

We meet at the old Rose Garden, on the raised terrace between Ravenscroft Park and Sivill House. This is where we are going to create a central hub to support community gardening across our estates and in the park itself. It is wheelchair accessible from the Sivill House side.

If you would like to know more about any of these planned events or about our group in general, contact us.

If you have ideas for projects you would like to happen near your block, we really want to hear them. Get in touch and let us know what you would like to see happen.

George Loveless & James Hammett Herb Garden

We are also planning on creating a herb garden near George Loveless and James Hammett Houses. This will be in raised beds, so if you have a bad back or otherwise find bending down difficult you can still get your hands dirty and grow some lovely herbs for your kitchen.

We are still sourcing the materials to build this, so it is too early to set any dates for working on it yet. If you are interested in getting involved in this project, please contact us.

Adopt a Bed Scheme

Is there an unloved patch of ground near your front door or by your block? Would you love to see it turned into a mini paradise that cheers you up every time you see it, rather than depresses you with all the weeds and litter? We want to turn all those uncared for bits of ground into something special, whether it is a patch of grass or the bit of dirt at the base of a tree.

Whether your ambition ranges from putting a handful of nicer plants in and keeping the weeds down, to a full on display worthy of the Chelsea Flower Show, we want to hear from anyone that wants to adopt a bed and make it something special. Just get in touch and we can help get you started.