Filming on our Estates

Tower Hamlets is a popular location for the filming of television, film and adverts due to its historical sites, period properties and proximity to central London. The Columbia Estates have been regularly used in recent years. This can be a mixed blessing.

Filming can bring disruption to residents with crews working on our estates and temporary parking restrictions in place. However filming also brings much needed funding to the Council reducing the need to increase Council tax and also to TRAs. In the financial year 2017-2018 the CTRA received £1,608.30 from the Film Office which helped fun activities such as the Summer Fete and community gardening.

The Film Office has rules in place for crews to follow to minimize disruption and aims to ensure residents are informed in advance of filming. To find out more and read FAQs on filming, the film office has a page on the LBTH website.

Contact the Film Office

If filming is taking place and you have received no notification, simply want confirmation or if filming is causing unreasonable disruption, you can contact the film office on 0207 247 1244 (24 hour) to see if this has been authorised.