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Help Green Our Neighbourhood

Get involved with the Columbia Tenants and Residents Association Gardening Group

Columbia TRA has been getting green fingered over the last few years.

We are working to provide ways for more residents to grow on our estates; to improve environmental awareness and sustainability; and to get outdoors and make new friends in the local community.

Lockdown has made getting outside, growing things and getting in touch with nature more precious than ever, especially since so many of us do not have a garden of our own. We want to make Columbia Road bloom seven days a week, not just on Sundays.

If you want to be part of this, then ask for an invite to the online meeting below, and if you can’t make the meeting email anyway and one of the CTRA Gardening Group will chat and introduce you to what is going on.

What Have We Been Doing? In 2020 we:

  • Established a community plant nursery, began raising seedlings and installed hot composters
  • Continued to improve planting in public borders on Chambord Street and in front of Sivill House
  • Added a circular bed with flowers and vegetables behind James Hammett House
  • Secured and planted two new shared herb beds and a bird bath on the Dorset Estate
  • Cleared and replanted neglected flower beds in front of Cuff Point

In 2021 we want to widen our activities. This will include:

  • Planting, weeding and watering flower and vegetable beds
  • Planting and managing trees (including fruit trees for an urban orchard)
  • Woodwork, DIY and design
  • Raising seedlings at home
  • Running virtual and live events for residents
  • Making food and craft products from things we grow

Join our online meeting: Bring a cup of tea and join us online to meet some of our active members, hear what we have planned for the start of 2021 and let us know what you’d like to see growing in your neighbourhood! Get in touch here for an invite link –

Community gardening leaflet:

CTRA Summer Fête 2018

Following our successful event last year, the Columbia Tenants and Residents Association is holding another Summer Fête in Ravenscroft Park on Saturday 25 August 2018.

Full details can be found here, including the details of the Food & Craft Competition.

2018 Meeting Dates

Here are the dates for our meetings in 2018 up to the September AGM. All meetings take place from 19.15 to 20.45.




8 January 2018



5 February 2018

Dunmore Hut


5 March 2018



9 April 2018

Dunmore Hut


14 May 2018



4 June 2018

Dunmore Hut


2 July 2018



10 September 2018

The Tab


The Dorset Community Association (DCA) is located here. The Dunmore Hut is located here. The Tab is located here.

A New Web Site for Columbia TRA

Welcome to the new web site for the Columbia TRA. We will shortly update this site with some of the more recent posts from our old site. As soon as time allows, we will also be giving it a new look and fully updated content. Check back soon!

If you’d there are things you’d like us to put on the web site such as local info, photos, blog posts about the area, please email us.