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Join the CTRA Cart Steering Committee


Given that we don’t currently have a community centre, the CTRA Cart is an important asset for the community. To ensure that it is properly looked after and utilized in the community the CTRA is looking for local people to join a CTRA Cart Steering Committee.

The role of the Steering Committee will be to:

  • Plan and organize events and activities for the community with the cart
  • Manage the upkeep of the cart, help plan and/or execute small related making projects to improve or complement the cart such as a roof for the cart or a notice board
  • Oversee and facilitate the use of the CTRA Cart by other community groups

This is a fun project about bring our community together and making the most of the outdoor space we have.

Anyone with questions or wishing to join the CTRA Cart Steering Committee should email Jenny Dunn

WANTED: Children’s Football Coaches

Our children’s football training sessions have become very popular so much so that we’re looking for additional local volunteers to join the coaching team. Volunteers need to be available most Sunday afternoons for two hours. We will pay for DBS checks and other training if required.  For our coaches it is proving to be a fun way to keep fit and do something positive for local children and young people.

Email for more information and to apply.

2018 Annual General Meeting

The CTRA 2018 Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 10 September. There a new Committee was nominated and voted in. They are:

Kevin McKenna (Chair)

Penny Creed (Vice-Chair)

Ed Furey (Treasurer)

Jonathan Moberly (Secretary)

Rupsha Begum-Clark

John Cotter

Jenny Dunn

Pam Haluwa

Joynul Hoque

Dave Sinclair

Abul Zubair


The annual reports detailing activity for the year were given by the chair and treasurer.  You can read the full report here: AGM Officers’ report 2018

Minutes of the meeting can be found here: 2018 AGM Minutes


Weavers Community Action Group on drug dealing on our streets – Reporting Guide

The Weavers Community Action Group has created a flow chart document to help residents report drug dealing on our streets to the police:  ASB-Drug Reporting 1.0

It is very important to keep reporting incidents of drug dealing and using on our streets and in the communal areas of our properties. By giving the police a clear view of the situation they will in turn have the ammunition they need to gain support from senior officers to tackle the problem. If we don’t report, they will not know the extent to which this is going on.

Anyone wishing to join the Weavers Community Action Group or simply attend a meeting should email to receive information of future meetings.

Columbia Tenants and Residents Association’s Response to the Recent Community Action on Drug Dealing

The Columbia Tenants and Residents Association has been actively working within the Weavers Community Action Group to tackle the ongoing problem of drug dealing on our streets and drug misuse on Tower Hamlets Homes properties.

On Sunday 16th September an anti-drugs street art campaign appeared on streets in and around Columbia Road, Shoreditch, London, E2.  The artists, known as the Columbia Road Cartel had responded to a request for traffic calming measures to ease drug dealer car congestion in the area.

Vice-Chair of the Columbia Tenants and Residents Association, Penny Creed said, “Drug dealing on our streets has reached astonishing levels with some local streets seeing up to ten deals in a single day. Dealers driving fast cars are putting residents at risk and users have been accessing communal spaces in properties to use on resident’s door steps.

“The CTRA has spent time trying to work with agencies over the last few years to highlight the issue and support initiatives by the police, Tower Hamlets Homes and London Borough of Tower Hamlets. However, three years later little has changed.

“Although there are some individuals trying to do their best to resolve this issue, cuts to police, mental health, drug and homeless programmes as well as council resources have hampered progress.

“We welcome the artwork by the Columbia Road Cartel and will continue to work within the Weavers Community Action Group and with other agencies to help bring about change.”


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