Monthly Archives: September 2020

Residents plant out new community herb gardens on Dorset Estate

CTRA members spent Sunday morning buying herb and edible flowers from Columbia Road and planting out the new community herb gardens on the Dorset Estate.

The planters were a donation by Bouygues, the contractor building the new block – Orwell House on the old Baroness Road car park. Bouygues kindly donated the materials and built the accessible raised beds last week.

The idea, conceived and driven through by CTRA treasurer Ed Furey with support of the Committee, was to create a space for residents to share herbs for cooking but also to brighten up the space in front of the DCA. On seeing them Ed commented, “I am thrilled with what a beautiful job Bouygues made of building the beds, a lot of thought went into it”.

Once the plants are a little more established residents will be able to help themselves to a sprig or two to add to their food.

The beds will be maintained by the CTRA Community Gardening Group with plants provided by the CTRA and other donations. Anyone wishing to join the gardening group is welcome to. Just email or speak to a member of the Committee.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bouygues for their kind donation.