Join the CTRA Cart Steering Committee


Given that we don’t currently have a community centre, the CTRA Cart is an important asset for the community. To ensure that it is properly looked after and utilized in the community the CTRA is looking for local people to join a CTRA Cart Steering Committee.

The role of the Steering Committee will be to:

  • Plan and organize events and activities for the community with the cart
  • Manage the upkeep of the cart, help plan and/or execute small related making projects to improve or complement the cart such as a roof for the cart or a notice board
  • Oversee and facilitate the use of the CTRA Cart by other community groups

This is a fun project about bring our community together and making the most of the outdoor space we have.

Anyone with questions or wishing to join the CTRA Cart Steering Committee should email Jenny Dunn

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